Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ode to the sewing machine that never works…….

My dear Sally (which is my viking machine), I can't seem to coax her to work. I pay her nothing, ask her to do unreasonable things, flip her switches and push all her buttons, and now my abuse has come back to bite me. Her needle is in the down position and that is that. I can't get it to move one iota. So things came to a screaming halt for a while there in January, but please note that I did get much done. Tons of knitting, a Waldorf doll, Jedi robe, a skirt for R, and started 3 rugs. So at least I wasn't a bump on a log. I'm on my second borrowed machine now, this one is named Janice, from Amanda (Thanks Amanda!). Imagine her (Janice that is, not Amanda) as having blue eyeshadow a gold jumpsuit and glitter in her hair, but the good thing is that the ol girl works. THANK GOODNESS!

So as for this month I have made 1 sling purse for my Supplier. $0

And finished one for myself $0

4 little star Waldorf dolls


I would love to make this dress for R but I might be going overboard on that one…we'll see.

As for poor Sally, I can't say I know when she will be going back to the shop, but I am very thankful for Miss Janice ;)



  1. Glad to hear you have a stand-in machine!! So even though this blog is about sewing, maybe you could post some pics of your rugs, whadyasay?

  2. As your supplier, and the owner of one of those bags, I'm very proud of you. I also wanted to say thanks for the quilting advice. We decided today where I will be putting my beautiful gift from Greg, and I can't wait! I'm taking it with me Tuesday to sew with my wonderful teacher so she can try it out. Maybe some day you can too. Until then, always remember I love you more than my luggage!

  3. @ Sadie- Yes! It never even crossed my mind, truth be told. I did see yours today and I LOVED them. I am sooooo glad you told me about it Thank You!

    @ My Supplier- Thanks hon, now we just need to get the bag actually to you, miss 2,000 miles away. I am patiently awaiting my bag from you too young landy.