Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Here I Come!

So another month has passed and onward I trudge. Slow and steady wins the race, but I am quickly finding out that standing still will get you nowhere.

On that note, the purple dress took so long I was spent for the rest of the month. Although, I will say, it was worth it. Once the sewing machine part of the dress was finished, the detailed hand sewing began. And so, in turn, October breezed by in a whirlwind of pink thread and really sore fingers.

So this month is all about Christmas.

Stockings 4 times over!

This is the pattern I used for the stockings although I don't think I will be using the same quilting pattern on the front.

A few commissioned presents for a friend.

Then, I think I will be able to call November done. On the down side I am a huge over commiter kinda gal so let's just see how much I really get done. ;)

- J

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