Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She lives!

Hello world,
Couple of things...

1) No, I have not fled the country.
2) My life is overflowing with Water Polo (My High Schooler), Reading Groups (My 2nd grader) and Lunch/Recess Duty (My 3rd Grader).  Yup, all fun and games.  Literally.
3) Yes, Helga (my sewing machine) has been giving me the 'Silent Treatment'.  (Passive-Aggressive German...)  It's mutual.
4) BUT - I have been doing some 'crafty' things... here's a sampling!

Halloween Fun...
I got this idea from a super neato blog called The Pretty Poppy
Here's the tuturial (of course, mine had to be black...)

Another fun project had me using something I don't think I've used since elementary school!  Remember Modge-Podge?! The bottle even looks the same! 
Anyway, again, the tutorial depicts a very classy finished project - mine is black with skulls... Just keepin' it real...

Yet another great blog: The Other White House
And, the tutorial:


And After...!

Well, that's the news for now... hopefully more to come!!

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