Friday, August 6, 2010

I made it out alive.

Now that a Dear Friend has landed in our lovely town, this whole thing has been a struggle like you can't imagine!

As soon as the plane landed I heard, "I'm buying you fabric for your birthday!"  My head started spinning, and the angels were singing. I swear my feet floated above the floor with happiness until Husband in a very loud voice and big pointed finger reminded us LOUDLY that "You can't do that!! It will break the deal!!!" As I crashed to the floor
(I'm pretty sure something got a bruise), I grabbed the phone on the way down and made an emergency call to Amanda.

It was quickly decided that as long as I didn't ask for it (and I didn't) it would be fine to accept the most beautiful gift ever given.


Today we finally found ourselves in the store that helped create this mess in the first place, and I was nervous. It didn't slow me down though; all the best prints were there for the taking, and with buy two yards get one free, I knew I was in trouble. I got so around the bend that I took Dear Friend with me, and she doesn't even sew (I am not proud of this)!

I managed to survive in tact even though she didn't. I did get home with what I was after and no more. I think I just turned a very pointed corner, but from now on Dear Friend will be called My Supplier.

My present:

My Suppliers stuff:

 - Joy

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  1. Joy, I totally agree, if it's a "gift" and you didn't pay for it yourself...and what beautiful fabrics...the nicest birthday gift a sewer can receive!! I can hardly wait to see what you will make!! Happy Birthday!! Amanda's Mom