Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Down...

One Hot Pink Sassy-Molassy Skirt - Done and done. Then she wore it to church this morning, naturally!

Sassy for Jesus
Money Spent = $0.00
Materials Used:
 - Pink satin from a thrift store purchase about a year ago.
 - Grommet tape - no idea where I got this or why I have it.
 - Bias Tape, elastic and thread from my late Grammy's 'sewing inheritance'. Thanks Grammy!!
 - Ribbon from my gift wrapping supplies
 - and my favorite: pink netting from a laundry bag I cut up a year ago to make a bag for my daughter's    swimming stuff! (It's one of those things you feel foolish for keeping in your 'you-never-know-I-might- use-it-someday' stash... HA!!  I used it!! ) Kind of a victory for fabric-hoarding-justification-making sewers everywhere...

*I also know that JOY - JOY JENKINSON (I'm pointing at you!!) has also completed a project - and while I won't steal her thunder and give away the surprise, I will say, it's amazing... wouldn't have expected any less...*

Now I'm on to making some sweet skateboard shorts for my little man!  Tally Ho!!
 - Amanda


  1. So so cute...sassy skirt for a sassy girl who loves Jesus! I like it! Love how this challenge brings out the natural creativity you have, Amanda!!

  2. Ruby just saw this for the first time "it's beautiful!"