Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Night Before Day 1

Standing in front of my dining room table late (for me) last night already panicking about what patterns to pick, and instead of swimming through my rather large box of loot I’m trying to figure out how to go buy more supplies. Already the night before day 1!!! 
Once the sparkly stars of shopping left my eyes I realized  that  a little excitement and a little fear will take me a very long way. (If that’s not true just lie to me)!

Here we go.....
I love a purse more then anything so the first is this:


The second is a bit tricky, I need to leave a little bit info out because this is a birthday present of a reader, but I will disclose to Amanda....



Yikes! This is scary, do we still have time to bail out, I’m sure I can still get to the fabric store before it closes!!!! 
......Maybe I should just take a nap.....


1 comment:

  1. You're doing great baby... Keep it up...
    I Might have to start a Sew-a-Non group for the husbands and families effected by this "disease" we call Sewing...