Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Maiden Voyage

Staying true to form, and in line with the purpose of creating this blog in the first place - we now find ourselves at the inevitable moment when weak justifications are futile and stalling is just plain silly.  The moment I am referring to, of course, is when good intentions turn into ACTION.  Yes, today is August 1st, and per our agreement, today is the day that Joy and I choose our first projects for the month! 

OK, quick review:  Each month, Joy and I pick 2 patterns that we already own using fabric and notions that we also already own - thus spending NO money.  The project(s) must be completed by the last day of the month.  We will be sharing pictures and commentary along the way for anyone who cares. (which means anyone who is as neurotic as we are, and finds this kind of thing actually interesting - you know who you are.)

Here's what I've picked for August:
'Skater' shorts for my 8-year-old.  I LOVE this pattern!!

 Bright Green w/pinstripes!!  Not sure what patch(es) I'll go with, but I've got some sweet options...

 Ruffle skirt for my 7-year-old - who won't be satisfied with anything 'plain'... sooo...

I have OPTIONS!!  This is going to be fun...

OK Joy - Your Turn!!
 - Amanda


  1. This is just too much fun, to watch what you two girls are coming up with. I can hardly wait to see the finished creations! Is that fabric for the skirt "fancy nancy"? You may have to "bedazzle" a cute little t-shirt to go along with the skirt!! You go girls!

  2. Yes! It is Fancy Nancy. This was my very last fabric purchase, so fitting that it be used with my first blog project! Oh, and the 'bedazzler' is going to get some serious use... ;)