Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The day has come (and passed) to declare.....

I'm really having too much fun with this whole thing. It lit a fire in
me I haven't felt in years, but trying to decide what to make is still
rough. I was really all over the place. All the things I had wanted to
do took more fabric of this or that than I had. Apparently I have a
ton of scraps, but not 2 yards of any 1 thing. So I finally just
sucked it up and picked: an Oliver +s dress for Ruby and an apron
pattern borrowed from Amanda. I think the apron will be my favorite
this month.

The dress was a little hard to find fabric for, but at the very end of
the last box, way, way down in the darkness was a ton of lavender linen
(which I don't ever remember having!). And the flower fabric was just
enough for the project; plus I will add a bit of jumbo rick rack to
the pocket.

Ahh to sew again ..I love it!


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