Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Run away for the PLACKET!!!!

So I guess the word Placket scares the pants off of me! I've started
the Oliver + S dress in size 7, but that is about it...I started it.
All the pieces were cut out really fast, and I thought it would be
really quick. However, it is not fast if you refuse to attack the
placket. I just walk around the table like it's an old boyfriend
(don't make eye contact, it might berate you!). Never mind that I walk
around it 50 times a day, homeschool on it, and feed the kiddos over it. Ignore
it and it just might go away. At this point I would be very happy to
pay someone to sew this stinky thing, then proceed with a bold-faced lie on
this blog ..this is me now seriously considering it . Dang, can't do
it. I thought that it was a sign from above that is
doing a month long sew-a-long on this very dress, but the more I read
the more I got cold feet, and there the dress sits. So I've waited and
I've waited ..and now I am here writing this instead of sewing the
placket (I'm not kidding, really scared of the darn thing here!).

On an up note, I did finish the apron a looong time ago, and it's
great if I do say so myself:

I really enjoyed it. The pattern is so cute and flirty and super
quick. I just needed a little fabric and ribbon. That I had, no sweat.

I'm so glad I did that first so I had ample time to freak out over the
word placket! I had never even heard that word before. In the words of
"My Supplier" I need to just put on my big girl pants and deal with
it.......I'm in so much trouble.

- Joy

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