Thursday, September 2, 2010

My oh my...

We have had a heck of a time signing in to blogging  land and now I'm a bit behind SO this is what I wrote a few days ago:

I am on time! WooHoo!
So here we are at the end of month one. Both of my projects are done, with time to spare! I thought I would be down to the wire, scrambling like nobody's business; but nope, not at all (wonders never cease). Not only did I get my two projects done, I got a second wind and proceeded to make a tote bag for my girl, pictures to come later, plus a shirt, skirt and cape for her dolly (Molly the Dolly to be exact).

Here is the second project:

Made out of  a tablecloth, flannel lining, and my scrap pieces bag.

And Molly the Dolly's new duds:

There isn't much time to decide on next month's endeavors. I'm really not headed in any one direction (as usual, I'm headed in all of them), so the deciding is a bit harder than I would have expected. I keep thinking maybe a coat, something in a wool, or maybe sweater, jacket, or fleece pants (I am a transplanted noutherner and cold pretty much all the time; all I ever think about is keeping warm). I'm sure in the end it will be a cutie  patutie dress for the kiddo, but I have two days to decide. By that time I'm guessing I would have changed my mind 100 times.


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