Monday, September 6, 2010

Let the eye-rolling begin...

OK, so technically I didn't exactly finish my second project by the deadline... you got me there.  But, I don't consider it failure per se.  I'm choosing to look at it as an 'alternative success'.  Not to say that I've given up on the skater shorts completely... see?

But, in my defense (I'll be using that phrase quite a bit in this post, just saying...)  has anyone ever attempted to use a pattern from "Hot Scott Patterns" ?!?  Suffice it to say it requires a lot of 'creative visualization' on the sewer's part.  The written instructions leave a lot to interpretation, and the pictures look like xerox copies of a blurry b/w photo. 

And, considering my sewing time is usually at the end of the day when all my 'creative visualization' has been used for things like cutting PB&J sandwiches on the diagonal instead of straight across, hoping that will so completely mess with my kids heads that they'll be duped into eating it without complaint - and trying to figure out how to look trendy and cutting edge by tying scarves creatively around my middle to 'obscure' the fact that my 'cute jeans' are making me look like a Pillsbury biscuit can that's been twisted and the dough is escaping out the middle...

All is not lost, here's what I have been working on.

Starting with a pair of hand-me-down jeans that my daughter didn't want because they were very plain and boring. (The frugal mom in me was screaming on the inside - 'What is wrong with you girl?! Can't you see quality jeans when you see them?!")  So, a compromise was made, and I decided to try my hand at reverse applique...
Take a scrap of fabric and pin it to the
back, right side facing wrong side,
then stitch in the desired shape.  I
usually sew in an intentionally 'messy'
way.  Sew 2-5 rows, then trim
around stitching.

...then, on the front, carefully cut the
outer fabric (denim) about 1/4" from
stitching, careful not to cut fabric

final outcome.  I plan to add about
6-8 more circles, but you get the idea.

And, of course, there's ric-rac.

There are two other projects that I'm working on, but they are gifts for two upcoming birthdays, so I'll post those in about a week or so, when they're no longer a surprise!

Now see??  Aren't you proud of me?? 

 - Amanda

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  1. Oh Amanda, I am ALWAYS Proud of you...but this blog is really funny. I was laughing so hard...too bad no one was home to enjoy my hilarity...I've been doin & thinking all these things for 50 years, and you do such a great job of putting it all into words. I just smile thinking are my offspring!!! Wow...musta done something right!! Love you